Art and International Justice Initiative
Art and International Justice Initiative


By Robert Golden
posted on 25.03.2019

Creativity is a process of observing, seeing and then doing – capturing a fragment of the world/life and revealing it to others. Observing, as we may realize, is not only a matter of our eyes or ears but what we take in from these perceptions, that is: what we see and therefore how we attempt to fill the box of culture with meaningful ideas and emotions.

Bureaucracy is about not observing but rather serving a narrow set of demands. In these days of computers, it is about’ yes’ and ‘no’, black and white.

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Camera Justitia at the Movies that Matter Festival
By Sofia Stolk (coordinator Camera Justitia programme at Movies that Matter/researcher at the Asser Institute, The Hague)
posted on 19.03.2019

How does it feel to return to the country that you were forced to leave as a child? How can you stand up to your corrupted boss, or even president? How can you defend yourself in a case where the media has already convicted you? And what do you do if your dog crosses a border and is not allowed to return? Difficult questions, with no easy answers. But one important common theme stands out: a fight for justice. The eight films in the Camera Justitia programme show that law can bring about justice, but equally so, it can be the root of injustice. Moreover, justice can mean different things to different people.

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The Role of Storytelling in Legal Justice Activism​

By Nishma Jethwa, Mumbai-based gender rights activist and human rights lawyer, Project Director for Feminist Justice at Once Future Collective, @NishmaJethwa
posted on 4.03.2019

This post aims to explain the role of storytelling as a way of promoting a different vision of justice among lawyers engaged in advocacy cases. It stems from my experience leading gender rights work at Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights (SAHR), where I was looking at what justice means to survivors of gender-based violence, and whether they were actually finding that justice within the criminal justice system. In our case-related work at SAHR we were seeing ‘mixed reviews’. While some clients found a sense of justice by observing legal proceedings, others did not.
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Using Art to Raise Awareness on Forced Marriage and Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Cambodia
By Alina Balta, PhD Researcher, INTERVICT, Tilburg Law School
posted on 24.02.2019

This contribution aims to put in the limelight the use of art to raise awareness on current issues in international criminal law (ICL). It discusses forced marriage and related sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), and explains how it came under consideration before an international(ized) criminal tribunal, in casu the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC).
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