Art and International Justice Initiative
Art and International Justice Initiative


ARTIJ brings together art and international justice. The initiative serves as a hub connecting academics, artists, legal practitioners policy makers, civil society actors and others wishing to explore the role of art in the understanding of international justice.

We aim to have an impact on society by complementing international justice research and practice, with artistic exercise. We operate with a broad understanding of international justice, whilst fostering dialogue and mutual learning processes.

We are committed to developing the role of art as a method of enquiry useful both in academic research, and in legal and policy practice. We participate in the promotion of different forms of arts as healing tools and as emotional channels on matters in the field of international justice.

Our work consists in the organisation of academic and artistic events such as workshops, conferences and exhibitions in Europe and internationally. We promote the work of a number of artists connected to the project and we also have our own on-going projects that each ARTIJ manager coordinates. For more details see our list of projects and team page.