Art and International Justice Initiative
Art and International Justice Initiative

Humanitarian Picture Books

What story do you know about the Rohingya? Is it a story about violent persecution, displacement, and refugees? Stories shape how we understand ourselves and the world. The stories we tell shape how kids recover, grow, connect, explore, and dream.

Humanitarian Picture Books empowers crisis-affected kids to see a different story for themselves. We do so in three ways: 1) Creative self-expression with kids, 2) Investment in crisis-affected artists and storytellers, and 3) Production of beautiful, tailor-made picture books. These picture books are in the languages, celebrate the cultures, and address the experiences of crisis-affected kids and their communities. Together, we are using creativity as a resource to heal, to restore agency, and to reclaim their narrative. For the Rohingya, books are activism. Rohingya ethnicity, language, and culture have been denied and assailed. Humanitarian Picture Books is honored to partner with Rohingya creatives to preserve and take pride in their culture, and to empower the youngest generation to heal and to dream.

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